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KAI TAK 1998 / Feedback on scenery accuracy
« on: 02. August 2021, 12:33:51 »
I've bought the Model Instrument's version of Kai Tak since the Redwing's version clashes with samscene's scenery, and I think Model Instrument did a very good job in recreating Kai Tak.

However I do have some feedback and suggestions on improving the accuracy of the scenery, because I want this airport to be better :D

1. The runway markings does not have the "^^^^" before the threshold. It's supposed to be just the arrows like in the real life picture. Same goes to the opposite side (RWY 31).

2. The radar tower rear the end of the runway on the other side is missing. I've attached a photo on what the tower looks like.

3. The Traditional Chinese writing on the multi-storey car park should be "香港啟德國際機場", but the Chinese writing in-game is Simplified Chinese and the letter placement is incorrect.

4. This is a little nitpicking, but the grass textures in the airport vicinity looks a bit too saturated when compared to the trees and grass in the surrounding terrain which is more accurate in my opinion.

Thank you for reading this and I hope my feedback can make this superb scene even better! :)

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