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KAI TAK 1998 / Re: AI's flying the Checkerboard
« on: 17. December 2022, 08:08:56 »
Sorry Bob for the late reply!

I have tried the curved approach briefly and did not succeed, sorry.

Also, no connections to "Fly Tampa" at my side.

KAI TAK 1998 / Re: CH VOR
« on: 16. July 2022, 10:18:21 »
Sorry for the delay, Eugene, I have sent you the link per PN.

Everybody else who wants CH VOR added to VHHX please contact me and I will provide a little scenery package that adds the VOR.

KAI TAK 1998 / Re: CH VOR
« on: 08. July 2022, 11:05:53 »
Hi Eugene

I have decided to put the VOR into a single separate package, which I will make available for download from the model instrument website!
You can therefore go ahead in pick the airport from whatever channel you like, and I will provide you the link to the separate VOR addon shortly.

Model Instruments

KAI TAK 1998 / Re: CH VOR
« on: 05. July 2022, 11:09:45 »
Hi Eugene
Thanks for considering Kai Tak 1998!
The VOR in the sim is the default one which only has DME.
So, out of the box I fear the VOR will not work, but I can try to investigate whether a solution is possible. One safe workaround would be the creation of a clone VOR with a slightly altered frequency. Would that be a viable solution for you? Would you purchase via simmarket, or marketplace?

Model Instruments

KAI TAK 1998 / Re: Missing file from Kai Tak download
« on: 07. February 2022, 21:11:18 »
Hi Christopher

I apologize for the confusion, it is my fault. There is a mismatch between the shipped manual and the actual software. Fact is, that the scenery, as installed by the installer, no longer has a separate imagery folder. All is in the one single package and the installer should place everything at the correct place in the community folder.


KAI TAK 1998 / Re: Flying the checkerboard
« on: 14. December 2021, 17:53:11 »
Hi, unfortunately I was not able to manage AI traffic to fly the IGS 13 approach. The curved approach was the high art of ai scripting in FSX times and I believe MSFS does not support it yet.

KAI TAK 1998 / Re: latest SDK exclude street lights
« on: 05. December 2021, 18:03:02 »
Version is 1.3. It should appear under your profile -> YOUR ORDERS -> <pick order> -> DOWNLOAD YOUR PRODUCT UPDATES HERE.
Can you check?

KAI TAK 1998 / Re: latest SDK exclude street lights
« on: 03. December 2021, 23:23:13 »
Hi Tigershark,
Thanks for the hint, today version 1.3 shipped which includes your suggestion among other things!

KAI TAK 1998 / Re: Compatibility with Samscene Hong Kong City Times
« on: 03. December 2021, 23:14:37 »
update at 2021/12/01

After Sim SU7 updated , the runway shoreline banks comes normal .

but when crossing the bridge , the plane will crash ,
and also the uneven runway road at rw13 and the runway side road when entry from runway or leaving runway,
please fix it .
With the today updated version 1.3 the bridge should work now, also the uneven runway should be fixed. Please try it once more!

KAI TAK 1998 / Re: Feedback on scenery accuracy
« on: 26. October 2021, 08:19:24 »

There seem to be several 'street lights' dotted around the runway, especially the 31 end during hours of darkness. Is there a fix for this?

Hi Patrick
This is correct and unfortunately there is no workaround for that. These are street lights of the default scenery.

Hi John
Thanks for your proposal!
In the yesterdays update the ship received night lighting. Additionally a working OLS has been added (with some visibility limitations in VR).

KAI TAK 1998 / Re: Feedback on scenery accuracy
« on: 28. August 2021, 08:38:47 »
In the yesterday's update (on simmarket) a couple of points from your list has been addressed...

KAI TAK 1998 / Re: Feedback on scenery accuracy
« on: 03. August 2021, 23:36:41 »
Thanks for the feedback! Points are noted. Some are quick wins, which I will incorporate into the upcoming SU5 adaptation patch of the scenery.

Was the radar tower on the east already there in 1998? But I can anyway add one.

KAI TAK 1998 / Re: autogen buildings disapear briefly
« on: 02. July 2021, 11:02:54 »
Thanks for reporting this issue. To be honest, I have no idea, why the buildings disappear. I do have a couple of exlusion areas in the final to rwy because the default buildings have been too tall. I have checked your screenshots here, but the region which gets removed and rebuilt is not touched by my scenery. I have noticed similar behaviour in scenery designer, where particular manipulations cause the surrounding areas repeatedly to become flattened and rebuilt again (up to 10 times). Therefore I fear, that there is nothing I can improve for that not to happen.
Maybe you can check flying the approach one without the Kai Tak sceenry loaded in communkity folder?
The only other thing, which could make a difference is playing with the LOD settings in the sim.

KAI TAK 1998 / Re: CTD
« on: 02. July 2021, 10:48:54 »
Hi britjet

In order to tackle the CTDs I suggest check the following points:

1. What installation do you have? Steam or MSFS store? Which path is the community folder? Is it the default path?
2. Could it be that other addons interfere with the Kai Tak scenery?
3. Do you have a chance to try only with the two folders
"modelinstruments-airport-vhhx-kai-tak" and
"modelinstruments-airport-vhhx-kai-tak-imagery" inside the MSFS community
4. Did you have frequent CTDs  also before installing Kai Tak scenery?

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