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Missing file from Kai Tak download


Hello, and thank you for adding me to your roles.

I just purchased the Kai Tak download from SimMarket and after reading the PDF manual that came with it, discovered that I have only one of the two files that are supposed to be installed.  The Kai Tak imagery file is not included in the download...or at least it is not showing up in my community files where I sent it.  Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks to all.

Hi Christopher

I apologize for the confusion, it is my fault. There is a mismatch between the shipped manual and the actual software. Fact is, that the scenery, as installed by the installer, no longer has a separate imagery folder. All is in the one single package and the installer should place everything at the correct place in the community folder.


Hi Martin.  Thanks for the info.  Love your Kai Tak airport.  Great job...especially nice for a night approach coming in from Macau.  Well Done.


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