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KAI TAK 1998 / AI's flying the Checkerboard
« on: 26. November 2022, 13:04:32 »
The curved approach was the high art of ai scripting in FSX times and I believe MSFS does not support it yet.

Has it been scripted yet?

Thanks Martin..any connection to "Fly Tampa"?


KAI TAK 1998 / Re: Flying the checkerboard
« on: 15. December 2021, 14:03:07 »
Ok Thanks!!


KAI TAK 1998 / Flying the checkerboard
« on: 14. December 2021, 16:26:40 »
Hi.. I am using aircraft models for ai's  (with flight plans) and I was wondering (not sure how done) but ai's flying to 13 as oppose to everything landing at 31 (opposite runway)

Just curious..Thank you.

getting ready to buy.. have two other sceneries but they don't fly in them either.  UPDATE: Just Bought :)

Greets and Best Wishes!!


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