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KAI TAK 1998 / Compatibility with Samscene Hong Kong City Times
« on: 02. June 2021, 20:25:44 »
I can confirm, that my Kai Tak scenery is compatible with Samscene's Hong Kong City Times.

For me it worked this way:
  • You first need the exclusion package from SamScene.
  • Second, you need to rename the folders of the Kai Tak scenery in the community folder to appear after the SamScene folders (because this controls the order how the sceneries are loaded 1), e.g. by putting a “x” in front of the modelinstruments-airport-vhhx-kai-tak and the modelinstruments-airport-vhhx-kai-tak-imagery folders.

I have also feedback from a user, that step 2 (folder renaming) was not required for him so try just with step 1 if you like take a shortcut.

KAI TAK 1998 / Introduction
« on: 01. June 2021, 16:35:09 »
Hi all

Welcome to the forum, which exists to discuss about the MSFS scenery KAI TAK 1998! Here the community can provide feedback, raise questions or ask for support.

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