Hong Kong Kai Tak 1998 - The last days ... are back!

Let us present you our first MSFS 2020 addon, available in SimMarket:
The Kai Tak scenery that brings back to live the last days of the maybe most famous airport of the world.

Available here for EUR 12.90:

The last days ...

In July 1998 a monumental and sad event took place in the history of aviation: the closure of the old Hong Kong Kai Tak airport. In the months and weeks before the spectators crowded more and more the famous parking house to witness for the last time planes flying the probably most famous curved approach ever. And then, in the night from July 5 to 6, the airport was closed and this unique and spectacular approach was history.

But, with this scenery these final days of Kai Tak have been brought back to MSFS, brought back to life, and brought back to you!

With this scenery we don't have to miss the last days of Kai Tak's operations any longer. And they will never end again. Step into a 747 cockpit and start flying the IGS13 approach towards checker hill, at the landing light in Durham Road start banking into a tight turn, while just roaring over the cities rooftops and sensing the cheering and applause of hundreds if not thousands of spectators lined up on the roadsides and on every building. Approach by approach, in these days a spectacular air show was unfolding and every captain rightfully could be proud like a display pilot flying tricky and difficult maneuvers in close proximity to the ground.


... are back!

The Hong Kong Kai Tak 1998 scenery is dedicated to the last days of Kai Tak. The scenery specifically shows many details, which were unique for that period of time:



The following highlights stand out:


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